It is uncertain whether the NCRA government will provide Fee Free Education grants to students this year as the previous Derek Sikua government did.

The policy was said to have increased school enrolment, particularly from disadvantaged families who cannot afford the rising cost enrolling a child in school. Those who took full advantage of the fee free education policy are now forced to await the government's new policy of education.

The National Coalition for Rural Advancement Government is yet to release the details of its policies on Education and Human Resources Development.

The details of government's policies, including that of the Education sector, should appear in the translation policy document which the government is yet to release.

The preliminary Government financial results for 2010 showed that last year both the Australian and New Zealand Governments assisted Solomon Islands in the school Fee Free Education grants.

The financial report says Australia provided SBD$29.4 million dollars to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development of which SBD$22.3 million was for Fee Free Education and SBD$4.6 million dollars for school infrastructure Projects.

It says the New Zealand Government gave more than SBD$55 million dollars to the Ministry of Education of which SBD$18.8 million dollars was for Fee Free Education Grants.

Last year the Asian Development Bank also gave the Ministry of Education SBD$14.7 million dollars.