The Opposition welcomes the announcement by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edmond Sikua that police have instigated investigation into the illegal exportation of beche-de-mer by Chinese businessman, Tongzi Zhang.

Opposition Leader, Steve Abana says from what transpired in the media about the issue over the recent days as well as information obtained by his office implied the involvement of both politicians and officials with the Asian illegal beche-de-mer exporter and those involved must face the full force of the law.

He said the approach taken by the Finance and Treasury Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo to dodge the facts about his unlawful addressing of the illegal beche-de-mer is deplorable.

Mr Abana says the announcement that police have instigated an investigation into the matter is welcomed by Solomon Islanders including the Opposition.

He says it was laughable to read Mr Lilo accusing the previous CNURA Government of not referring the Asian to the DPP when he first offended.

Mr Abana says the truth was that the CNURA Government which Mr Lilo was also a member of had fined the Asian and further was working on a deportation order against him.

However, Mr Abana says that order was revoked after the NCRA Government took office upon a directive by the Minister for Finance and Treasury, Mr Lilo.

The Opposition says the Ministers wild accusations only demonstrate his desperation to divert public attention from his unlawful actions and that is deplorable.

Mr Abana says the deportation order is a clear demonstration of the CNURA Government's non tolerance of foreigners who undermine the laws of the country by manipulating the government system with bribes for their own business interests.