Fisheries Minister and MP for North Malaita, Jimmy Lusibaea, has lodged an appeal challenging his sentence.

Mr Lusibaea's lawyer, Robert Cavanaugh, confirmed to local media that he had filed the application at the High Court on Friday.

While refusing to reveal the grounds on which the appeal was launched, Mr Cavanaugh hinted that it is in relation to the severity of the sentence.

He also denied suggestions that the Townsville and Marau Peace agreement signed in 2000, which the Former Attorney General Julian Moti had raised publicly, is part of the appeal.

Mr Lusibaea was jailed on Tuesday this week for unlawful wounding and assaulting a police officer on the execution of his duty.

The charges relate to the ethnic crisis in 2000, when Mr Lusibaea shot a man in both knees and assaulted a police officer who was on duty at the National Referral hospital with the butt of a pistol.

SIBC News understands that despite Mr Lusibaea's appeal, an extension of 150 days to remain as an MP can only be granted by the Speaker of Parliament if requested.

The Court of Appeal will conduct its first sitting within the first half of next year.