Chairman of Mr Lusibaea's Voluntary Advisory Committee Exly Taloiburi says the sentencing handed down this morning was very unfortunate.

Speaking to SIBC's Allan Tarohania outside the High Court after the sentencing Mr Taloiburi described the sentenced as "heavy handed."

He says it was also unfortunate the court did not take into consideration reconciliation held this year by Mr Lusibaea for the police officer, Sam Manakeha and the victim, Robert Solo.

Mr Taloiburi also appealed to the people of North Malaita and Honiara residents for calm.

He also assures the people of North Malaita that his committee will liaise with the government to ensure services for the constituency are not interrupted.

SIBC News understands that yesterday's sentencing means Mr Lusibaea will lose the North Malaita parliamentary seat.

A bye election will have to be held to choose a new parliament member for North Malaita.