Hundreds of Solomon Islanders working under New Zealand's seasonal work scheme could be affected by the comparatively higher airfares to New Zealand.

Return airfares to New Zealand is now close to SBD$15,000 and New Zealand companies are reportedly concerned.

Reports say that high airfares may force New Zealand Companies to stop recruiting Solomon Islanders to work in New Zealand temporarily.

Nimrod Ramo, a local recruitment agent, says the only reason why New Zealand companies may still continue its recruitment from the Solomon Islands is the "good work reputation locals have set in the country's apple picking industry."

"An option would be for the government to intervene and subsidize airfares to ensure the continuous flow of the seasonal worker scheme which has benefited many locals."

It is understood that airfares for seasonal workers are normally met by New Zealand Companies, which are then deducted from the salaries of the workers.