The Parliamentary Opposition has issued a call to the government to extend the term of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, TRC.

Opposition Leader, Steve Abana made the call following recent statements by the Minister for National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation Minister Hypolite Taremae of a 'possible' extension of the term of the TRC by the NCRA Government.

Mr Abana said the Opposition supports the commission's request to the government for the extension to ensure it completes "the challenging task of bringing together the victims and the aggressors to tell their accounts of violent experiences they suffered and had inflicted."

He said he understands that some victims are holding back due to fear of retaliation by the aggressors or their relatives and on the other hand, some aggressors are reluctant to come forward for fear of prosecution.

He said this is a "challenging task that cannot be accomplished within a span of only two years."

Mr Abana said the NCRA Government must demonstrate its commitment by approving the request by the TRC and also by providing "sufficient budgetary allocation to the Ministry for National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation for TRC's work in the 2011 budget."

He further stated that national peace and unity can only be restored if the country establishes the truth behind the ethnic unrest and reconcile those that suffered from the violence.