About 700 households in East Malaita Constituency will soon use solar energy to light up their homes and get away from the burden of finding money to buy kerosene fuel.

Deputy Prime Minister and MP for East Malaita, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga delivered a further 250 solar energy equipment worth SBD$250,000 to representatives of East Malaita Communities this week.

The first batch of 450 solar sets is currently being distributed to communities in the constituency by the constituency's development officer (CDO).

Funding for the project has been sourced from the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

The Solar project is part of Hon. Maelanga's vision to introduce renewable energy in his constituency which does not have access to electricity for many years.

Constituents have relied heavily on kerosene fuel for lighting and cooking which costs a lot of money, especially for people living in rural areas.

Each solar set has a maximum energy of 20 watts which can power four light bulbs, a stand fan, recharge batteries and supply power for radio all at once.

Hon. Maelanga bought the second batch of solar equipment from DJGS Enterprise in Honiara.

The company has already supplied better quality solar equipment to a number of constituencies.

A company spokesman said their aim is to assist rural communities by providing renewable energy as an alternative to fuel energy which is becoming more expensive for cash-strapped rural communities in the country.

Minister Maelanga said the project will continue until all households in East Malaita uses solar energy for lighting.

Provincial Member for Ward 16 in East Malaita Billy Farobo praised Maelanga for the assistance saying it is "important that both provincial and national members work together to coordinate projects for their constituencies."

He said the solar project will certainly improve the standard of living for the people of East Malaita.