Fishermen in the eastern region of Gao Bugotu constituency in Isabel Province have boosted their fish supplies to the Honiara market following increased assistance from the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

Member of Parliament for Gao Bugotu, Samuel Manetoali aided fishermen with new outboard motor engines and fiberglass canoes in fishing regions of the constituency with money from the constituency fund.

On Tuesday last week, Mr Manetoali opened a new mini-fisheries center at Lepi village and donated fish storage equipment including 2 deep freezers, 2 fiber glass eskies, a petrol powered generator, an OMB and a fiber glass canoe, all costing more than SBD$180,000.

Called the Bugao Fishing Project, the center will be used as a storage facility where fishermen can properly store their catches while waiting for boats that will transport their fish to the Honiara market.

According to latest estimates, fishermen in the east Bugotu area have supplied approximately 12 tons of fish to the Honiara market every week.

A Sepi village fisherman, Ellison Bako who now runs a successful fishing project said they are improving their catches since 2009 following increased assistance received from the constituency fund.

"It is their fund and as their political leader, I am satisfied that my constituents have made full use of the equipment bought from our constituency funds," said Mr Manetoali.

"I am looking forward to aid more fishermen in the next four years and to build more mini-fisheries centers to ensure we maintain our fish quality before it reaches the Honiara market."

The next stage of the project will feature an "ice-making machine that will produce ice-blocks that fishermen can use to preserve their fish catches for longer periods."

At the moment, fishermen in Gao Bugotu still rely on ice from Honiara which create additional costs.