More than 300 Chiefs and Community leaders of Gao Bugotu Constituency in Isabel Province have successfully concluded a historic three days Constituency Congress Wednesday last week at Lepi Village.

Member of Parliament for Gao Bugotu and Minister for Tourism and Culture, Samuel Manetoali organised the conference to give an opportunity for community leaders and resource owners to share their visions and development aspirations for the future of the constituency.

During the conference which started Monday last week, participants expressed the need for proper setting up of Village Committees that are mandated to coordinate their development plans in alliance with their Member of Parliament, the National Government and Aid donors.

Leaders have identified several development areas including health, education, infrastructure, energy, transportation, communication, religion, economic development, fisheries and culture as key priority areas that should be sustainably enhanced to improve the livelihood of Gao Bugotu people.

Honorable Manetoali said it is important that political leaders take the government down to the village level so that people can participate by sharing their views on suitable development plans for the future of Gao Bugotu.

"For the next four years I want all of us to work together for the betterment of Gao Bugotu people".

"Let us all change the face of Gao Bugotu to further advance the life our people economically, socially, culturally, spiritually and politically," Minister Manetoali said.

He added that the huge congress turnout highlights his peoples' united vision for the future of Gao Bugotu.

"We all want to see that Gao Bugotu is a safe place to live in and respect the laws of Solomon Islands and our specific customary norms and values," he added.

The congress is the first ever event to be organised by a political leader in Gao Bugotu in many years.

The theme of the conference is "Gao Bugotu Constituency Peoples' Vision for the Future"

Following the success of the congress on Wednesday, leaders have resolved that the event will now become an annual congress to be hosted on different locations around the constituency.