The First Lady's Charity is once again starting its annual awareness, promotion and fundraising events in aid of Pink Ribbon Day.

Pink Ribbon Day events will this year include an initiative of Marist Rugby Club, which is a Charity Rugby match, scheduled for Saturday 23rd of October. The match will see Marist Rugby Club and Henderson Hammerheads compete for the Charity Shield.

In the lead up to the match players from each team will seek sponsorship from family, friends, work-mates and peers to dye their hair pink and play the match. The funds raised by each of the players will be donated to the Pink Ribbon cause.

"The First Lady's Charity very much welcomes this initiative and show of support from our young men. It's very encouraging to see young people keen to help in their own way, in the fight against women's cancer in this country," said Lady Grace Kabui, Chair of the First Lady's Charity.

Lady Grace Kabui says that Women's cancer is often a very difficult experience for women sufferers and for families who have lost women to it, to talk about. "It is a disease that women - for those very few that may be able to afford it - can only get treatment for, overseas. It is unfortunate that our health system is not there yet, in terms of having the capacity to treat it, however that does not stop us individually and as a community from doing whatever we can, to do our little bit to help. In time we will get there but the important thing is to start."

"I hope that from today until Pink Ribbon Day on the 25th of October, you will in your own way give some support to the cause whether its through, coming to the our awareness program, charity rugby match, sponsoring a player, buying a pink ribbon or attending the Pink Ribbon Dinner; the First Lady's Committee appreciates each and everyone who takes the time to give their support," said Lady Grace Kabui.

"Take this time also to think of the women in your life."