The Government Policy Statement has acknowledged the fact that the country is receiving very little in return for the extraction of its fish stock.

Pacific Island countries catch just US$200 million worth of tuna from its fisheries while foreign nations fishing in the same waters catch over US$1 billion.

The policy says that the government is therefore taking the initiative to facilitate the building of fishery marketing infrastructures as well as the establishment of a network directly connecting fishermen in rural areas to Honiara and than to the outside market.

Under the partnership programme fishermen will take their fish products from various centres in the country to Honiara, where they will be exported.

The government will also facilitate development of in-shore fishery facilities including aquaculture and other types of farming for subsistence and commercial development to benefit people living on the coasts and on atolls.

Meanwhile, the government says that this policy initiative will be done with the end goal being sustainable fishing.