Over the past 96 hours starting from April 29th 2022 to May 2nd 2022 the country has recorded an additional 560 new cases of COVID-19. The cumulative total for the country now stands at 16,441.

Of the 560 positive COVID-19 cases 366 cases were recorded in Honiara. Other cases recorded were 158 in Malaita, 30 in Choiseul, 4 in Isabel and 2 in Temotu.

Permanent Secretary for Health, Pauline McNeil, gave the update yesterday during a health talk back show on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

She says that for Honiara, 23 are currently admitted at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), which accounts for 11% of all admissions. Of the 23 cases 1 is considered critical, 5 is severe, 5 moderate and 12 mild.

A further 3 deaths has been recorded since the 25th of April 2022, bringing the total death count due to COVID-19 to 144.

She says that the Ministry continues to monitor passengers going out of Honiara and into Honiara, with those testing positive advised to self-isolate at home.

The Health Ministry is also making daily assessments to ensure that no new variant gets into the country, particularly from within the region.