Solomon Airlines announced today that it has finally purchased all the required materials for the Refurbishment and Upgrade of the first of their two (2) Twin Otters registered as H4-NNP and will be commencing soon to undertake the works locally and by their own LOCAL engineers.

"Some of the major materials include: Special paint imported; chequered plate floors; newly refurbished seats completely overhauled and also an interior solid plastic walling to re-do the interior settings." Other work programs are also included in this Refurbishment & Upgrade, a spokesman indicated.

"In order to achieve this project, in the pipeline for many months, our Manager of Maintenance indicated a time frame of 6-8 weeks in the hangar, however, by reviewing a more productive and cost effective program, we are now able to achieve this in 5 weeks," the spokesman said.

The spokesperson further indicated that "luckily for us, we have been able to secure a leased Twin Otter from Air Vanuatu at a cost effective price for this period of 5 weeks and it is finally going to happen for which we are thankful."

Solomon Airlines confirmed that "during the period of Refurbishment, already partially planned in 2009 for a 2010 application, we will continue with our scheduled and contract work without any major effect on our operation as such. We are currently operating to our revised schedule which came into effect on the 6th September."

"Naturally," the spokesperson added; "we have two (2) Twin Otters and whilst we would have liked to have completed both refurbishments by the end of 2010 (this year); we have yet to source all the materials for the next Upgrade & Refurbishment for the aircraft registered H4-SID. This will more than likely be completed around February or March next year (2011) and we are looking forward to ensuring that the public and our valued travelling customers see that we are spending hard earned funds to give them in return, a better presentable aircraft for their comfort when travelling."

This website is reliably informed that the total cost of Refurbishing one Twin Otter, including a total repaint, if completed in Australia or elsewhere, would be around USD$85,000 or around SBD$700,000 plus.