Member of Parliament for West New Georgia/Vona Vona, in the Western Province, moved a private motion in Parliament seeking SBD$ 10 Million compensation for the residents of Munda.

Mr. Boyers, while presenting his motion, stated that the residents of Munda were put under unnecessary risk when the Papua New Guinea Military Airplane, carrying Julian Moti, landed in the Munda Airstrip without proper notification. Mr. Boyers said that the compensation simply seeks to do right a wrong that was committed to the residents of Munda. Boyers also said that the landing in Munda was not only disrespectful to the sovereignty of Solomon Islands but also a blatant disregard to the people of Western Province.

Responding to the motion Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said that he has received conflicting reports from the residents of Munda. "In fact just this morning (yesterday) a prominent member of the Munda Community gave me a letter condemning the move to seek compensation from the government," said Sogavare. The Prime Minister also said that, according to various sources, a majority of residents in Munda oppose the compensation claims.

Member of Parliament for West Are'Are Severino Nuaiasi, in his contribution to the motion, said that it is wrong for the people of Munda to claim compensation for an area that is under crown land. "The Munda airstrip is not a customary owned area, it belongs to the government and is managed under the Aviations Act," said Nuaiasi. The motion was subsequently defeated when it was put to a vote.