The drastic rise in reported cases of domestic violence has prompted calls from the Solomon Islands National Council of Women (NCW) for the tougher laws against domestic violence.

The General Secretary of the NCW, Ella Kauhue, said that domestic violence cannot be decreased unless the Government sends a clear message through the enactment of strong laws against domestic violence. "The cooperation from communities and individuals to combat this issue has gone beyond our control and unfortunately women themselves cannot do anything to combat this problem," said Kauhue.

The Women's Division Acting Director, Janet Tuhaika, said that their Division totally condemned domestic violence and other forms of abuses against women saying husbands cannot use provocation as an excuse to hurt their partner.

Mrs. Tuhaika said that there are huge socio-economic pressures faced by families today, particularly in the more urban setting. "Life today is more challenging and more expensive and as such there are competing socio-economic issues to deal with, which can lead to frustrations within the family and marriage," Mrs. Tuhaika said. "But there is no excuse when a husband chooses to abuse their partner".

Police told the National Express that reports of domestic violence have now featured prominently in their weekly crime reports. Police says that while some incidents of domestic violence can be sorted out quickly, some have been very serious.

In a recent incident, a housewife received cuts to her head after her husband attacked her with a glass cup after what the police described as small argument.