People of Ghaobata, Malango, Bahomea and Vulolo have expressed disappointment in the candidacy of Fataleka MP-elect Steve Abana as a candidate for next week's Prime Minister elections.

Spokesperson for the group of tribes Soni Keketaovia says Abana's nomination for the Prime Minister's election, over current care-taker Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua is already a manifestation of a 'vote of no confidence' in Dr Sikua's leadership.

Mr Keketaovia argues that Dr Sikua should have been accorded the first right of refusal because he was re-elected at the constituency-level and still has a good number of his government returned.

He says the people of Ghaobata, Malango, Bahomea and Vulolo see Dr Sikua's non-nomination for Prime Minister as an insult and wants MP-elects of Guadalcanal to take note of this disappointment.

Mr Keketaovia also accuses the Solomon Islands Democratic Party and its membership of setting the pace of regionalising the country's top political leadership posts instead of promoting 'shared responsibility' like other political factions.

He adds that the unity of Solomon Islands has only been kept because national leadership has not been limited or restricted to any one provincial bloc or grouping.

SIBC News understands that the Heritage Park Hotel camp did not go into an elimination process to reach a candidate for next week's Prime Minister Elections because no other MP-elects contested the candidacy at camp-level.

Meanwhile, caretaker Prime Minister Derek Sikua has pledged his full support for the Heritage Park Hotel camp Prime Minister candidate, Fataleka MP-Elect Steve Abana.

Speaking during a joint press conference at the hotel last night, the care-taker Prime Minister also made an emotional thank you to the people of the country.

In pledging his support for Abana's candidacy, Dr Sikua said it was a matter of numbers.

He said the Solomon Islands Democratic Party leads the Heritage Park Hotel coalition and the privilege to nominate a candidate for the Prime Ministerial elections rests with the party.

Caretaker Prime Minister Sikua is the Liberal Party leader.

The Heritage Park Hotel camp is made up of five different political groupings, including an independent members group, the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement, the People's Congress Party, Liberal Party and the Peoples Federation Party.