Police are urging public drivers to take more precautions to help prevent accidents, after a car was in flamed at China Town area yesterday afternoon.

Deputy Director National Traffic Centre, Sergeant Sipolo highlighted that traffic accidents in Honiara have been steadily increasing as a result of carelessness or negligence of Police regulations and traffic road safety rules.

"The incident has sent a strong message to all cars to carry around with them fire extinguishers if such incident occurred," he said.

"One example of carelessness or negligence is the failure to properly check vehicle before travelling, is the incident that happened this afternoon at China Town road."

A driver fortunately escaped serious injury after the vehicle he was driving, caught fire while he was driving through China Town.

The vehicle was approaching the old bridge at China Town when the engine suddenly went dead and fire was seen coming out in front of the vehicle.

The driver quickly exits the vehicle and quickly contacted Police for assistance.

A nearby Police patrol attended the incident and contained the fire until the Fire Service got to the scene shortly after and extinguished the fire.

Police Traffic officers have attended and launched an investigation into the incident.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the fire may have been caused by electrical faults.

Police urged drivers to be cautious with traffic road safety rules and follow Police instructions for safety of both driver and pedestrian.

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