Forty eight results have been announced so far, meaning only two are still to be decided.

The two include East Makira constituency where counting started over the weekend, and Malaita Outer Islands.

Counting for East Makira did not continue today because presiding officers were not available at the counting station to explain why they failed to record the security seal numbers to at least two ballot boxes.

Voting in parts of the Malaita Outer Islands closed on Monday, with counting expected to start in Honiara as soon as ballot boxes arrive from the islands.

In results announced yesterday, the third former employee of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Joseph Onika was declared winner for the East Central Guadalcanal constituency.

Mr Onika beat off ten other candidates, including former M-P Nollen Leni.

In Temotu Vatud, former M-P Clay Forau Soalaoi was returned in last Wednesday's elections, beating off 17 other candidates.

Mr Forau Soalaoi was first elected to parliament in 2006.

Overnight in Malaita, Former M-P and leader of the Democratic Party Steve Abana has been re-elected in Fataleka. The former Minister for Planning and Aid Coordination has been an M-P since 2006. He won the seat from nine candidates.

Also in Malaita, the election manager has confirmed outgoing M-P Walter Folotalau has been returned in Lau/Mbaelelea constituency. Mr Folotalu is also connected with the Democratic Party. He won the seat in a by-election in 2008 when he beat 16 other candidates. He is also a former M-P for Baegu/Asifola from 1993 to 1997.

And in Temotu, outgoing M-P for Temotu Pele Martin Magga has been returned, beating off 12 other candidates. He has been an M-P since 2006.