A letter, alleged to be written by Enele Kwanairara to two prison inmates seeking information on the raid of the police armory in June 2000, has been distributed to MPs in parliament.

East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea, who distributed copies yesterday afternoon had told parliament the letter was seeking information about him and the Prime Minister.

It was alleged the North Malaita MP, Mr. Kwaniarara, had written to two inmates, referred to as Patty and Jim, urging them to assist with information on the involvement of some leaders in the government in the June 2000 coup.

The letter, which had parts written in the Toaba'ita dialect of North Malaita, however did not name Mr. Dausabea or the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, another letter was produced to Members of Parliament, believed to be written to Mr. Dausabea by the inmate named Jim.

In the letter, Jim had requested Mr. Dausabea to find a To'obaita man to interpret the earlier letter. Jim had alleged that Mr. Kwanairara made three visits to him in prison this year. He said he told the North Malaita MP that both Mr. Dausabea and the Prime Minister were innocent.

The letter alleged that in his last visit, Mr. Kwanairara had asked Honiara lawyer, Lesly Kwaiga, help him convince Jim into making fabricated stories about Mr. Dausabea and the Prime Minister. Jim, in the letter, warned the East Honiara MP not to listen to Mr. Kwaiga, saying he is a threat to the government.

Mr. Dausabea distributed the letters to MPs yesterday afternoon following legal advice from the Attorney-General.