Voters in North New Georgia, Western Province, will undergo a special seven-day 'how to vote' awareness program this week.

The North New Georgia constituency has never voted using the single ballot system introduced in 2006 - because the seat was uncontested at the last National General Election.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, said that there was a special need for the Electoral Commission awareness program to visit every polling station location and main village areas in the constituency.

"The Electoral Commission program, accompanied by the popular How to Vote drama performed by SIDT's SEI theatre group, will begin tonight in Keru and continue around the island," Mr Haununu said.

"Our team will make the people of North New Georgia aware of the important election messages of the single ballot box voting system: how to mark the ballot paper which has the names of every candidate, their symbol, and a box where the voter must put their 'tick' or mark," Mr Haununu said.

The awareness team have completed programs in Malaita, Temotu, Makira, Guadalcanal and parts of Western province, with Isabel expected to be completed this week.

Mr Haununu said that bad weather had prevented the awareness team reaching North New Georgia early this month.

"We have gone back to the people because drama and speaking directly with people is the best way to provide awareness on our voting system," Mr Haununu said.

"The team will also demonstrate how the new security seal for ballot boxes works so that voters can be assured that their ballot papers will remain secure from casting to counting."

Mr Haununu advised people from North New Georgia to listen out to service messages to know when the awareness team would be arriving at their community.

"This weekend, every voter should also be listening to the How to Vote drama on SIBC on Saturday and Sunday evenings," Mr Haununu said.

"It is important that everyone be aware of the difference between the single ballot box voting system and the multiple ballot box system, how to mark your ballot paper, the ink used to mark your finger and what activities are against the law," Mr Haununu said.

"Let us all do the right thing by educating ourselves with important information for our country's National General Election."

Source: Press Release, Electoral Commission