Promoting women into leadership does not mean women are taking over men's role.

This was the response of Ms. Val Stanley, UNIFEM facilitator during a media forum organized by UNIFEM yesterday.

The Media Forum on 'The Role of Women in Maintaining Political Balance' was aimed at highlighting the importance of women in politics. With a significant number of women standing for the 2010 National Election, the event was organized to provide an opportunity to hear how women in politics can make a real difference.

Ms. Stanley stated that women in leadership is just for women to also take advantage of their rights for equal opportunity and it does not mean that they are trying to take over men's role in leadership.

Ms Stanley who has been in the country for more than eleven years is now working closely with women who will be contesting in this year's national general election.

She says women are very good in doing a diverse range of tasks and this is one area that might justify the potential of women in politics and leadership roles.

She said around the world, women who have been placed on top leadership roles still continue to look after their families, do shopping, washing and looking after their children.