The Electoral Commission is inviting local and international organizations to participate in the upcoming National General Election as election observers.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, said that election observers had an important part to play in the conduct of a free and fair election.

"The Electoral Commission invites both local and international organizations to witness this election and help ensure it is conducted with integrity and is transparent," Mr Haununu said.

"By visiting polling stations and counting stations and then submitting a report, observers are independent watchdogs on the election process."

To become an election observer, organizations or groups must now apply for accreditation, and submit the names of people who will be acting as their observers.
Organizations must submit to the Office of the Electoral Commission the required application forms by 4.30pm, Thursday 22 July.

Mr Haununu said that election observers would be given more information once they had received accreditation.

"The Electoral Commission will not accept applications from individuals and all costs of the electoral observation process are the responsibility of the observer group," Mr Haununu said.

Election observer application forms are available at the Office of the Electoral Commission, Vavaya Ridge Honiara, or can be emailed or faxed. Contact Roddrick Kidoe at (+677) 21198.