Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea has urged people of the province to "think carefully before choosing their leaders in the coming August 4th general elections."

Mr Irosaea says Malaita voters should elect those who will put the interest of the people first and particularly those who will pursue the development of the province.

He reminds candidates contesting the 14 constituencies of Malaita not to campaign on on-going national project in the province, including the Auluta Oil Palm Project in East Malaita, the Bina Harbour Project in Central Malaita and the Suava Bay project in North Malaita.

Mr Irosaea says candidates should leave aside these projects because successive "governments have talked about them and it has become a laughing stock in the country because none of them has taken off."

He says successive governments, despite spending millions of dollars, have not been serious to see any of the project started.

"I kindly ask the political parties and the candidates who are contesting the general election in Malaita, not to mention these projects because our people, my people of Malaita are just sick and tired about these national projects being mentioned and nothing serious have been done about them," said Mr Irosaea.