Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua says the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government has delivered its pledge to address the bona fide demands of Guadalcanal Province during its term in power.

Speaking during the country's 32nd Independence Anniversary, Dr Sikua said the setting up of the Commission of an Independent Enquiry into Land Dealings on Guadalcanal is a major step towards addressing the Guadalcanal demands.

Among the demands, one of the most pressing is the return of alienated lands and other lands that were settled illegally on by settlers.

Dr Sikua said the people should not overlook that the Commission of Enquiry into land dealings on Guadalcanal is in progress.

He said the other demand is the adoption of the State Government System, with the view to give more powers to provinces to manage their own affairs, particularly, benefits derived from their natural resources.

Dr Sikua said work on the Federal Constitution has advanced well with provincial feed back now in progress.

He said these are initiatives that his government put in place to address the bona fide demands of the people of Guadalcanal.

Prime Minister Sikua said that people must also understand that issues in the bona fide demands have implications on the rest of the country, thus they cannot be addressed in isolation.