The Police have again closed down the popular Kauvare nightclub night club on Northwest Guadalcanal.

The Police Media Office says Guadalcanal Provincial Police officers successfully carried out an operation at the Kakabona area last Saturday, resulting in the closing down of the nightclub and the seizure of 30 cartons of alcohol.

It says the nightclub has been shut down by police following concerns raised by women from the surrounding communities on their safety.

It says the Kauvare premises are an eco-tourism business and activities currently carried out in the area are not consistent with the conditions for an eco-tourism license.

Police say they are working together with the Guadalcanal Provincial Liquor Licensing Board to ensure such illegal business activities are closed for good.

The police media says Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has had a meeting with members of the Kakabona community and discussed Law and Order issues affecting their community including the Kauvare nightclub.

Mr Marshall says police will continue to work closely with the community and are in the process of assessing information provided by members of the public in relation to the Kauvare nightclub, particularly the social disturbance caused by drunkards.