Several delegates attending the latest UN Climate Change Forum talks in Germany have conceded there is little chance of getting a draft agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions finalised ahead of the next major talks in December.

There is just one full day of negotiations left in Bonn, where delegates were hoping to resolve outstanding issues from last year's talks in Copenhagen.

Earlier this week, UN chief negotiator Yvo de Boer said he did not think meeting the deadline was achievable.

His sentiments have been echoed by several national delegates.

But speaking to reporters in Germany, the permanent representative to the UN from Solomon Islands, Colin Beck, said it's too early to give up.

"When we speak of trust and confidence, let us have trust and confidence within the process. Let us give a chance to what we are doing now. Real negotiation, negotiation when we see the text. This is where we are always worried, when we start to lower things before we start," he said.