The Solomon Islands Liberal Party denies suggestions that the care-taker Prime Minister is their party leader.

President of a re-launched Liberal Party and son of the late founder and former prime minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu, Richard Ulufa'alu says he is the leader of the party and not the care-taker Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua.

Mr Ulufa'alu was responding to suggestions made by the Solomon Islands Democratic Party spokesman and care-taker education minister, Matthew Wale during the official launch of the party's manifesto that his party was part of a dialogue with the liberal party, "led by the Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua."

However, Mr Ulufa'alu says the Liberal Party was re-launched at the end of last month with a new executive, himself as president and leader.

He says the party totally condemns the statements made and describes the suggestions by Mr Wale as "politically motivated, misleading and deceptive."

Mr Ulufa'alu says the party believes that the general public's interest now is to see a new government with "a new captain as the way forward."