Honiara Lawyer Charles Ashley has appealed against a ruling by a Honiara Magistrate on his request to travel to South Africa for the World Cup.

Ashley is facing 27 counts of conversion charges and one count of money laundering all relating to more than $1 million dollars of clients money he held in trust and which he was alleged to have converted for his own use.

He lodged the petition at the High Court on Friday 4th June, last week.

The petition seeks for the ruling to be set aside and to allow him to travel overseas to attend the World Cup Games.

Ashley will return to the country before the fifth of July for the start of the preliminary inquiry into his case.

The petition also seeks the Court's permission for his passport to be returned to him, which he will return to the police upon his arrival.

Mr Ashley had earlier requested permission from the Magistrate's Court to travel overseas to attend the World Cup games as a member of the FIFA Appeal's committee.

This was ruled out on Thursday last week by Principal Magistrate Steve Wilson, on the grounds that Ashley might not return in time for the preliminary inquiry into his case set for the 5th to the 9th of July.