Transparency Solomon Islands, TSI, has expressed concerns over the 10 million dollars payout to members of parliament dished out by the Republic of China, Taiwan, last week before dissolution of parliament.

Speaking to SIBC news the chairman for TSI, Bob Pollard, says the people are aware the Rural Constituency Development Fund, RCDF, presents real problems for the country, distorting the role of MPs and becoming a source of corruption.

He says while the Republic of China assistance may be well intended it should realize that the consequences of these funds are bad.

Mr Pollard says the office of TSI will be looking into registering complaints to the president of Taiwan.

The TSI Chairman says that the dishing out of those payments at the last minute when parliament was less than 24 hours to being dissolved is "not reflecting the fight to stop corruption."

Mr Pollard says with most MPs the reporting and retiring of the RCDF and other allowances is poor and do not have any proper auditing or accounting.

The office of Transparency Solomon Islands will today release a detailed statement regarding the 10 million dollars payout.