Solomon Islands government officials have joined the Australian and New Zealand diplomatic community to commemorate the ANZAC day in a dawn service at the Honiara Central Police station.

Up to 200 people attended the dawn ceremony yesterday to mark Anzac Day, which honours the men of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, known as the ANZACS who fought at Gallipoli, Turkey, in 1915.

Both the Governor General Frank Kabui and care-taker Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua were present at the dawn service.

Speaking at the ANZAC day service, New Zealand High commissioner Mark Ramsden explained the tradition of the day. He said during their landing Australian soldiers, who were the first to penetrate into enemy lines were badly wounded, followed closely by compatriots from the New Zealand army.

Mr Ramsden said the "courage and endurance of those who did their duties at Gallipoli will remain a vivid memory and a source of pride for all Australians and New Zealanders."

The ANZAC day ended with a cocktail at the Honiara Yacht Club.