A 50 Meter communication tower is currently under construction at Jah Mountain, Gizo, Western province.

The construction of the tower will bring better GSM Mobile and Wireless Broadband Internet coverage as well as Television and FM radio services not only to Gizo residents but to villages facing Gizo. That is; Kolobangara, Rarumana, parts of Vonavona lagoon, Simbo, Rannonga and Vella La Vella.

The tower also plays a pivotal role in improving line-of-sight for the Our Telekom high-speed point-to-point link to Ringgi, Noro and Munda, to better deliver mobile, Wireless Broadband Internet, bank's data links and standard telephone services.

The Gizo tower will also play a major role in enabling further expansion of the telecommunication infrastructure network thus services to hard-to-reach rural areas in Vella, Shortlands and Choiseul.

The media protests by some Gizo residents has delayed the completion of the current 50 Meter tower under construction at Gizo, therefore hampering the progress to provide improved coverage and delivery of Mobile, Wireless Broadband Internet and new services such as Television to Gizo community and surrounding islands and villages in the Western Region.

Our Telekom has announced that it welcomes any feedback from Gizo and surrounding communities in regards to this important issue.