One of the oldest political parties in the country, the People's Alliance Party, or PAP as it is commonly known, will hold its National Convention on the first of May.

The executive, in a statement, said that they decided to hold the National Convention after the dissolution of the National Parliament on April 24 to enable PAP supporters to focus on the upcoming election with a clear date in mind.
Meanwhile, the Party President James Mekab told the National Express that the PAP executive has also agreed to revise its annual membership fees.

The new fees for MPs is $1,000, Corporate members is $5,000, life members is $2,000, ordinary members is $100 dollars while villagers and youths will be charged a $2 membership fee.

Mr Mekab says small membership fee for villagers and youths "is in line with the party's desire to have Solomon islanders of all works of life to be members of PAP."
The People's Alliance Party is one of the oldest political parties in the Solomon Islands. Pioneers of the Party include the Late Solomon Mamaloni, a former prime minister, and Sir Allan Kemakeza, himself a former prime minister.