Manasseh Sogavare yesterday tabled in Parliament a questionnaire containing 666 questions addressed to the Australian Federal Director of Public Prosecutions, Damian Bugg QC.

The questionnaire deals with what government sees as the shameful and politically motivated Australian investigation of Moti. Contained in the questionnaire are also questions related to supposed violations of human rights, international law, and the national laws of Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

In a press statement, Mr Sogavare said that a team of forensic and legal advisers have told the Solomon Islands Government that the Australian Federal Police investigation of AG Moti QC is a sham and a malicious conspiracy to indict an innocent man. "Moti is a target of a vicious campaign to topple a democratically elected Government concerned about the protection of sovereignty," said Sogavare.

Mr Sogavare went on to say that his Government will not enter into any further debate on the Moti case until DPP Bugg QC complies with the government's legitimate request under Solomon Islands and international law.

"We know that DPP Bugg QC has not personally looked at the Moti file, yet his name is being used to authenticate the Australian prosecution of Moti," Sogavare said.