General Secretary of the Football Federation, Eddie Ngava, has replied to strong criticisms from the public after the 3 - 1 loss of the national soccer team to the Honiara Select side.

Speaking to One News TV, Mr Ngava said that while many are quick to criticize the team's performance, SIFF sees it as a positive result. "That's what test matches are for, now it's up to the coach to make the necessary adjustments," Ngava said.

Ngava also responded to criticisms that the team is made up largely of Marist and Kossa players, leading many to believe that the selection is biased. "Let me make one point clear, the national soccer team was not selected by a panel, the team was selected by the national coach, Airton Andrioli," Ngava said. "The coach initially had 40 players trying out, and from that 40 Mr Andrioli selected the current line-up."

Ngava said that Airton Andrioli has selected the current line-up based on their form and on his coaching philosophy. "The fact is, when a team wins a game, people praise the players, when a team loses a game, people scorn the coach or administration, it's just a fact of life when it comes to soccer," said Ngava.