A villager of Hopongo on Rendova Island is urging rural PeopleFirst Net stations to gather facts and correct information before going to the media and relevant government authorities such as the National Disaster Management Office.

John Aqorau Kari told SIBC News from Munda that the information sent by Rarumana PF Net station that houses in Hopongo had suffered damages and people left homeless from the recent earthquakes are false.

Mr Kari says people of Hopongo also felt the earthquake but there were no damages and casualties as was reported earlier by Rarumana PF Net station.

He says the reported damages were at Baniata Village.

Mr Kari says the incorrect report had caused unnecessary worry for relatives of those concerned.

Meanwhile, tourists who were on Tetepare Island when the two big earthquakes struck yesterday morning have arrived safely in Munda yesterday morning.

Munda Hot Bread Owner Romano Nongebatu says the tourists confirmed that there were damages to the boats and houses on the island and that parts of the islands are still covered by sea water.

He says the tourists' belongings were swept in-land where they collected them later.

Meanwhile, most parts of the province continued to feel tremors and aftershocks last night and this morning.