Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says that work on the Draft Federal Constitution is progressing well.

Mr Sogavare says the recently announced Constitutional Congress is part of this process.

Mr Sogavare says the Congress will have their first meeting for briefing and induction in Honiara in late August this year.

Sogavare said that the main task of the Congress is to complete a final content of a new Federal Constitution and prepare a detailed report setting out the reasoning for the content of the new Federal Constitution.

Sogavare said that the Congress comprises of 18 provincial representatives, two from each provinces and 10 eminent individual members made up of elders with wisdom and extensive knowledge of Solomon Islands.

He says the government is committed to ensure that the Draft Federal Constitution is submitted to Cabinet in October 2008.

Mr Sogavare says Cabinet will submit the Final Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands for consideration and debate by Parliament.