Cyclone Mick, which caused destruction in Fiji in the past 24 hours, is now headed out of Fiji waters.

The cyclone descended on Fiji on Sunday with heavy rain and strong winds.

According to Fijilive, 2 people are confirmed dead and 2 missing. Of the 2 dead, one was a primary school student who died instantly when a tree fell on him while the other was swept away by strong currents.

Homes and buildings have been destroyed while many have been forced out of their homes as rising water levels in major rivers pose the threat of flooding.

A total of 35 evacuation centres have been set up around the country providing shelter to those who have been left homeless by the cyclone.

Electricity has been out for parts of the country since Sunday and the country's electricity authority is now calling its workers back in to commence maintenance repairs as the cyclone moves out of the country.