Manasseh Sogavare has condemned Civil Society Groups for a letter demanding the termination of Attorney General Julian Moti and Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Police Jahir Khan.

Mr. Sogavare expressed disappointment to see the Civil Society Groups "totally bent" in undermining the elected government of Solomon Islands' lawful appointment of Mr. Moti and Mr. Khan.

He said as a government elected by the people of Solomon Islands, government ministers and backbenchers would not give in to any demand by "a so-called Civil Society Group made up of a bunch of individuals who serve foreign interests for their own benefit".

The group, in a letter to government ministers and Members of Parliament, appeal for support to their demand to terminate the appointment of Mr. Moti and Mr. Khan.
But Mr. Sogavare, in response said the group did not represent the views of Solomon Islanders, adding this was reflected in their public seminars "where only their few sympathizers attended".

He said it was ridiculous how the group was hell bent on pursuing constitutional agendas in the media, stating those in opposition to the appointments of Mr. Moti and Mr. Khan should challenge them in court.