Premier of Rennell and Bellona Province, Timothy Johnston says he was disappointed that no additional constituency has been allocated to the Province.

Premier Johnston told SIBC News, that the Constituencies Boundaries Commission's decision not to award an additional constituency to the province was unfair.

He says while other Provinces in the country have more than one constituency Renbel Province would be the only province with one constituency.

Premier Johnston says it would be incorrect to base the argument against an additional constituency on population.

He says the population of Renbel province would be more than five thousand people including those residing in Honiara and elsewhere in the country.

"I call on my people in Honiara, our leaders in Honiara for a very important meeting on Wednesday or Thursday to discuss this issue. Any decision that comes out of the meeting will be ours. I am interest to know for my people the outcome of the meeting."

The Constituencies Boundaries Commission will put to Parliament its recommended additional 15 constituencies to the existing 50.