Many of the country's laws and regulation needs updating, according to a Member of Parliament.

Member of Parliament for North-east Choiseul, Clement Kengava, blames conservative politics to be hindrance to the advancement of Solomon Islands in the 21st Century.
His statement was made in response to criticisms made by the Opposition spokesman, Edward Huni'ehu, that MPs who take up Parliamentary Secretaries should resign.

Mr. Kengava said comments as such made by people who look at the past and stick by old rules hinder the advancement of Solomon Islands. He said the only way forward for the country is when Members of Parliament seriously look at inhibiting laws and change them instead of holding on to old laws and regulations.

Appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries is normal in many Commonwealth countries who have altered their laws to fit modern times, Mr. Kengava said. He warned that the Bottom Up Approach policy will not work with out of date laws and regulations in place.

Mr. Kengava stressed that now is the time for leaders, including Members of Parliament to look at changing laws to fit in the modern society.