Special Secretary to Prime Minister, John Keniapasia, has accused Honiara lawyer Andrew Nori of engaging in a campaign to sabotage government's political reforms.

Mr Keniapasia has responded to comments by Mr Nori that the prime minister received improper advice on the "inconsistencies and contradictions in the Political Parties Registration and Administration Bill 2009."

Mr Nori has claimed that clauses 25 and 37 of the proposed bill may allow independent MPs and smaller political parties to destabilize the formation of a government and encourage corruption.

But Mr Keniapasia says Mr Nori failed to interpret the proposed reforms in its totality.

He says Mr Nori should have read the Political Parties Registration and Administration Bill together with the relevant Constitutional Amendment Bill in order to make a fair interpretation of the issues; both legislation is attempting to solve.

Mr Keniapasia questions why Nori had not presented his views during consultations on the proposed reforms in Honiara.