The University of the South Pacific (USP) has developed its first wind-solar-hydro system, launching it last week.

According to Fiji Times Online, the system was funded by the French Embassy and cost $16,000.
According to the report, the system 'will light seven street lamps at the Faculty of Business and Economics car park near Malei Park'.

Project supervisor Dr Ajal Kumar said the wind turbine was rated at 900 watts at wind speeds of 12.5 metres per second. He said the system also had two 200Ah batteries.

"This is the best place to generate wind-solar power because we have sunshine as well as have the south-east trade winds," Dr Kumar said.

The purpose of the project was to encourage students to set up similar systems in their countries, he said.

According to research, fossil fuel would be available for the next 42 years, Dr Kumar said.

"We want to show that institutes such as ours can resort to renewable energy rather than depending on fossil fuel to generate electricity."