Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua today has encouraged Permanent Secretaries to take a leading role in implementing current government policies and programs as government has only six months to serve people.

Dr. Sikua made the call in a Special Meeting with Permanent Secretaries in Honiara yesterday.

The Prime Minister said the effect of the global financial crisis on the country has slowed the implementation of many government programmes but government services must continue with any available resources.

"I encourage of all of you to continue working harder with the task of implementing Government policies and delivering goods and services to our people. You can't just sit back and relax, knowing the Government's term in office is coming to an end.

"Nor should you be distracted by your private business interests. Remember you are on contract to serve the Government of the day; hence you must remain focus and committed to implementing the current Government's policies and programmes. We must all keep on working diligently for our country," he said.

"I understand that budgetary constraints, compounded by the current global financial crisis have seriously affected your ability to implement your various programmes and projects. But we will just have to do what we can do in such difficult circumstances," he added.

Dr Sikua further stressed that Parliament will resume on November 12 and will meet until around December 20 and as usual, no permanent secretaries are allowed to travel overseas or go on leave while Parliament is in session.

"You have to stay back to defend your Ministries' budget at the hearings of the Public Accounts Committee, support your Ministers during the Committee of Supply (2010 budget), and prepare responses to any questions that could directed at your Ministers."

"We have through Parliament passed a good number of bills which are part of our reform agenda and efforts to move this country forward. However, I have observed that the implementation of these bills or reforms have been rather slow. It is therefore important that you as Permanent Secretaries take the lead in implementing these bills or reform programs," Dr Sikua stressed.

Press Release (Government Communications Unit)