The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan, has challenged those who oppose his appointment as the head of the Solomon Islands police force to take matter to court.

Mr Khan said this during a press conference on Friday. Khan said that using the media to tarnish his image is not only unprofessional but also improper. He said he does not know why people want him removed because he is trying to help Solomon Islands police regain its integrity.

"My appointment was very clear as far as the Constitution is concerned. I was interviewed and short-listed among other candidates. I provided my resume to the interview team that came and saw me in Fiji. I was called to Solomon Islands and I was further interviewed by people here. I had an occasion to address Cabinet, my appointment was endorsed by Cabinet and the Governor General was advised accordingly, within the Constitution of Solomon Islands," said Khan.

Mr Khan said he is putting much energy into the restructuring of the police and there is a lot more work to be done to bring up the credibility and respectability of the Solomon Islands police.

Mr Khan reiterated that if people want to challenge his appointment, they should go to court and not do it in the media.