Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, says government negotiations with the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union, SIPEU, have not been successful.

Dr Sikua says all of the items on the SIPEU Log of Claims, except the Tsunami ex-gratia payment to government officers serving in Western province, have been referred to the Trade Disputes Panel for arbitration.

The Prime Minister says both parties agreed to withdraw the Tsunami ex-gratia payments from the log of claims because government has already addressed the claim.

He said SIPEU appeared to have expected the government to respond immediately and favorably to all the claims.

"The government needs further information on the border claim, whilst a feasibility study needs to be undertaken on the housing entitlement claim in order for government to consider its viability," said Dr Sikua.

He says the claim for allowances and awards is a matter to be considered under the current review of the General Orders.

The Prime Minister calls on all public servants, including SIPEU members to work hard and serve the country and people at this difficult time.