447 candidates have been confirmed for the upcoming National General Elections set for the 19th of November.

The highest registered number of candidate is Temotu Pele, with 23 contesting. The lowest are South Vella la Vella, East Choiseul and Ulawa Ugi with only 3 candidates.
Campaign is currently underway in most constituencies, with all passenger boats booked out for the month of November through to December.

All outgoing MPs are also contesting, with several former MPs returning to contest.
Several issues have been highlighted by voters, one of which is the need to have a transparent system to manage the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

“Almost SB$500 million dollars has been channelled through MPs the past four years, that is alot of money and alot of development should have taken place,” said Fred Tilome of East Honiara.

“Our people are still struggling and find it difficult to met basic needs, while few people are enjoying the money, whoever comes up with a way to manage the money transparently has my vote.”

Another is the need to spread investment opportunities to other centres throughout the Solomon Islands.

“For me it is not whether you are a man or a woman, what is important to me is that you help us the rural people, we need some activity where we can generate our own income,” said Prudence of Central Province, currently uncertain as to who she will support.