The Parliamentary special select committee, set up to look into the quality of medical services provided at the National Referral Hospital has held its first public inquiry Tuesday.

An administration team from the hospital and ministry of health appeared before the committee as witnesses.

The team included the Health Minister Clay Forau, permanent secretary Dr Lester Ross, hospital CEO Douglas Ete, and Under-Secretary Dr Cedric Alependava, among others.

Committee chairman, Vonavona-west New Georgia MP, Peter Boyers, said he hopes the outcome of the inquiry will result in a lasting improvement to hospital service delivery and the capacity of the hospital to meet the challenges of providing health services in the 21st century.

He said the committee began its inquiry on Monday when it made a site visit to the hospital.

Mr Boyers said the visit gave the committee the opportunity to see first hand the daily operation of the hospital and the complex issues it encounters.

"The review in the quality of medical services is an important part of parliament scrutiny role which assist in improving public policy and government service delivery, in bringing to light any administrative and operational difficulties experienced by medical and nursing practitioners in the hospital."

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