Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua has welcomed Papua New Guinea's new High Commissioner to Solomon Islands in Honiara today.

His Excellency, Mr Aiwa Olmi presented his Letter of Introduction to Dr Sikua at the Office of the Prime Minister this morning.

Dr Sikua congratulated Mr Olmi on his new appointment, expressing confidence that with Mr Olmi's vast experience in diplomacy, both Solomon Islands and PNG will benefit from his posting here.

The Prime Minister re-iterated that Solomon Islands and PNG's diplomatic relation is not only important, but a very special one, going back into time immemorial beyond the era of independence.

"It is special in a sense that people on the border of both countries are of the same ethnic grouping, but only being distinguished due to foreign practices like the international law, demarcation of international boundaries and the birth of countries"

"This special relationship must be harnessed by any legal mechanism developed on our borders because our people on the border share the same values, interests and concerns whether social or in commerce, that if properly harnessed will benefit both countries," Dr Sikua said.

In response, High Commissioner Aiwa said he was glad with his first regional posting in a country that shares a lot of common things with PNG.

High Commissioner Aiwa hopes to work towards building, consolidating and prospering the relationship between the two countries.

He also expressed Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare's vision to build a strong and vibrant Melanesian block and eventually a similar Pacific Region.

Both Sikua and Mr Aiwa recognised and pledged to maintain and advance this relationship to benefit the economic and social interest of their citizens.

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