The South Seas Evangelical Church has expelled Michael Maeliau from the church.

SSEC's Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima says the church is "severing all ties with Mr Maeliau," further stating that "Mr Maeliau is no longer a member of the SSEC Church nor an ordained minister of the church."

The Reverend Bishop Lima says the Church's stand is that Mr Maeliau's teachings and ministry has fundamental errors contradicting the church's biblical foundation.

He says the SSEC National Executive Board had previously asked Mr Maeliau to repent and recant from his ministry but he had not responded.

Mr Maeliau's ministry has been a long standing issue within the SSEC church.

The excommunication includes associates, advocates and supporters of Mr Maeliau's ministry.

The SSEC National Executive Board has however given them a chance to remain within the main church on the condition that they repent.

Bishop Lima made the public announcement at the SSEC Central Headquarters in Honiara yesterday morning.

The announcement was attended by SSEC Regional Leaders and Association pastors.

SICA General Secretary, Eric Takila also attended the public announcement.