The Commission of Inquiry on land transactions and acquisition on Guadalcanal prior to the ethnic tension era is expected to start soon.

Two members of the commission from Fiji and Vanuatu were due in Honiara yesterday.

They are Pastor Manua Rabuka from Fiji and Stephen Tahi from Vanuatu.

The Chairman of the commission, Mr Brian Brenton from Papua New Guinea is due in Honiara at the weekend.

Mr Brenton had formerly chaired the Commission of Inquiry into the April rioting in Honiara in 2006.

Prime Minister, Doctor Derek Sikua had appointed the Commission of Inquiry on the transaction and acquisition of land on Guadalcanal prior to the ethnic tension.

Government made the appointment of members of the commission as part of its national reconciliation policy to resolve problems related to land left behind by settlers who deserted their settlements during the height of the ethnic tension.

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